ھوٗربَندى، جوھد، آزاتى

سَمَچاريں ما په مات ءَ نَدر بيں

by م.ى. دُرا بَلوٗچ | سَرمَچار


سرمچارايں ما پَه مات ءَ نَدربيں
ما پَه ڈيه ءُ راج ءِ زات ءَ نَدر بيں

گوں تُپنگا ما گِريں وَتواجھى
ما پَه آزاتى ءِ يات ءَ نَدربيں

ماوَپا داريں بَلوٗچ ءِ سَنگ ايں
چو که بـــلاؔچ ءَ پَه بْرات ءَ نَدر بيں

تير گْواريں چو شَبُندانى دْرداں
پَ وَتى گَنجيں ديات ءَ نَدربيں

ما بَلوٗچ ءِ واھگانى پاسبان
ما پَه آزاتى ءِ گْوات ءَ نَدربيں

ما بلوٗچِستان ءِ سوليں پُسَگ ايں
ما پَه دَپتان ءِ کلات ءَ نَدر بيں

م.ى. دُرا بَلوٗچ

بَلوٗچ راج ءِ سَرمَچار

په ھَما کُنگُر ءُ سَرمَچاريں بَچّ ءُ  گْراں ماوَليں دُتَّگانى نــام ءَ کـــه
په ماتيں گُلزُمين بَلوٗچِستان ءِ پَھرِزَگ  ءَ چَه وَتى شَکَّليں ساه ءُ  ھِيشى سَراں سَرگْوست اَنت

Freedom of Baluchistan

This Sarmachar continued the war against evil in Unity, Struggle and Victory of Baluchland he was armed for greater autonomy for Baluchistan. The government of Satanic Pakistan brought an army of cowards to one old man. Nawab Akbar Bugti was leading a guerrilla war against the state. On 26 August 2006 Sarmachar Bugti suffered martrydom when his hide-out cave, located in Kohlu, about 150 miles east of Shaal (Quetta), collapsed due to enemy air bombardments.

Autonomy of Baluchistan

Balach Marri member of the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), a Freedom fighting  Army of Baluch fighters fighting to separate the Baluchistan province from Evil Pakistan. Struggling for a free autonomous Baluchistan where everyone, regardless of who they what language they speak and what the color of their skin is treated equally and fairly.

Lived to Liberate Baluchistan.

Khair Bakhsh Marri was one of founding members of the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), a separatist Baluch Army which was banned by evil Pakistan. He also was a key leader of the 1970s insurgency against the Pakistani failed state due to unfair treatment of and theft of Baluchistan’s resources. At the time 50,000 Baluch Army fighters took arms to liberate Baluchistan from what we know is a cult of evil Pakistan.

Baluch Human Rights Activist

Assassinated by Paki Satanic Military 

Sarmachar Karima Baloch was “politically assassinated in Toronto by Pakistani military and ISI operatives”.

Martyr Karima was a voice of the oppressed people of Baluchistan. She was the harshest critic of the evil Pakistan military and its “genocidal policies and actions in the province,” 

“The Terrorist Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency constantly intimidated her in Canada by sending threatening messages to harm her and the family. Her family was targeted in Baluchistan and her uncle was arrested, tortured and executed extrajudicially while in custody. Baloch leaders are being assassinated by Pakistani military death squads. She gave her life for the freedom of rights and freedom of Baluchistan.

I gave my life for Baluchistan

On 3rd of April 2009 three distinguished Baluch leaders Sarmachar Ghulam M. Baluch Leader of BNM, Lala Munir Baluch VP and Sher M. Baluch Deputy Secretary General of Baluch BRP were abducted by evil Pakistani security forces at gunpoint from their layers office in Turbat, Baluchistan and later on suffered Martyrdom in the hands of evil ISI agents, and as a result Pakistani flag or anthem will not be allowed in Baluchistan. All Pakistani informants are slowly being assassinated and the regime is being brought to its knees’.

Pakistan is based on theocracy and evil, it’s existence is threat to humanity and so far by following on Baluch News, you should be fully aware that this regime has no respect for any human. They are power hungry monsters and must be terminated by unanimous efforts of all human beings. If you want a earth to be a home of humans then Pakistan must not be Part of it, it brings death and destruction.


Member Guerilla Warrior

Sarmachar Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Featured snippet from the web

Allah Nazar Baloch (Balochi: اللہ نذر بلوچ),a former student leader and gynaecologist who is the only high profile Baloch insurgent commander currently fighting on the ground. He is a member of Balochistan Liberation Front. Balochistan Liberation Front among the most active Baloch armed groups in Balochistan.
The war against evil Pakistan is not just fight of one individual, this war waged against axes of Evil Pakistan by all front and all Baluch people.
Going after 1 individual has not worked since anexation of Baluchistan – August 11th 1947. Has it worked for Porkistan? No it has not, Pakistan is a failed terrorist state sponsored by evil forces globally and it’s existance is a major threat to humanit not to only Baluch people.

شَھمير ءِ گَلاں دِلگوٗش کَن اِت 

Independent Baluchistan

Sarmachar Mengal Baluch,
1970s operation in Baluchistan was a five-year military war in Baluchistan, against a dangerous aggressor Pakistan, Baluchistan is largest occupied state, The Taliban Pakistan Army and Baloch Army Fought a big war that lasted from 1973 to 1978.  Iran’s Dirty Army assisted Pakistani coward Army to kill innocent civilians. As a result, Sarmachar Mengal was always fighting throughout his life for independent Baluchistan and during the 1973 war 5,300 Baluch Army Troops suffered martyrdom. Until now Evil Pakistan’s fitly army and forces are unsuccessful. They do not understand; “One” can not steal ‘Another’s” native homeland. It’s impossible.

We are not alone for freedom

 11th August, the day when Baluchistan got freedom from The Great Britain. Sarmachar Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur veteran Baloch activist and intellectual shed light on the historical details of 11 August 1947. We will not reset until our land is independent, we are not alone, we have never been alone in fight against evil. Pakistan as we know it, is evil, it’s government by dark forces of hell and we do not stand with Satan. Baluchistan will be free.

August 11, 1947
Baluchistan Independence Day

We were never a part of India before the British rule.

Sarmachar Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo summed it all up in his speech wherein he said, “We have a distinct civilization and a separate culture like that of Iran and Afghanistan. We are Muslims but it is not necessary that by virtue of being Muslims we should lose our freedom and merge with others. If the mere fact that we are Muslims requires us to join Pakistan then Afghanistan and Iran, both Muslim countries, should also amalgamate with terrorist Pakistan. 

We were never a part of India before the British rule. Pakistan’s unpleasant and loathsome desire that our national homeland, Baluchistan should merge with it is impossible to consider. We are ready to have friendship with that country on the basis of sovereign equality but by no means ready to merge with Pakistan. We can survive without Pakistan. But the question is what Pakistan would be without us? 

I do not propose to create hurdles for the newly created Pakistan in the matters of defense and external communication. But we want an honorable relationship not a humiliating one. If Pakistan wants to treat us as a sovereign people, we are ready to extend the hand of friendship and cooperation. If Pakistan does not agree to do so, flying in the face of democratic principles, such an attitude will be totally unacceptable to us, and if we are forced to accept this fate then every Baloch son will sacrifice his life in defense of his national freedom.” He in this speech covered every aspect that expressed the Baloch desire for a life of dignity and freedom; therefore, this speech should be highlighted to make the present generation aware of how the elders responded and thought even in the direst circumstances of the 1947 and 1948 period.

گُلامى ءِ نه مَنَّگ

نَه مَنّاں تئى گُلامى ءَ وَراں آشؔ
په کوُش ءُ کونَر ء کاھاں کناں باش

مَنى ھِير ءَ نه ئے تو او درآمد
نَه تُرساں مَن توگْواھے چو سَگاں راش

نَه اوں من تو لَگے که دَرّرواں چوش
مَن اوشيرے تَرا دِرّاں کَناں لاش

چو سار بان ءَ کْواس اوں مَن پَه بَگّاں
مَن ءَ چو ليڑه ءَ ھَرو مَه کن گْواش

گِراَنت ھَکّ ءَ وَتى وَت واجھى ءَ 
کناں من بَلوٗچِ سَرمچَاراں شاباش

اگاں پاھار بيار اِيت کوه ء دَپؔتان
بزاں چوپيشک ءَ سوچ اِيت

نَه بَنت چَتّو “سَرمچَار” اَمن ءُ دِلجَم
بِه زاں توماں دِل ءَ اودژمن ءِ اوباش

نه مَنّ اَنت تئى سَؔندان ءِ شِھار ءَ 
سَرمچار اوپلينڈيں دُژمِن ءِ بدماش

تئى مُلک ھيرى ءَ بَلوٗچ راج ھلاپ اِنت 
جواناں کُرتگ ئے چار ديم ءَ چار تْراش

The list will grow, we will add more Sarmachar’s to the list.

اے تاک ءِ تَھا گِيشتر سَرمچارانى نام ماں کَنَگ بيت


سَر مچارايں ما وَتى آپ بَند ءِ لوٹوک ايں
سَرمچاارايں ما بَلوٗچ ءِ ھَند ءِ لوٹوٗک ايں

وَشّى يے نيشتَگ بَداں پَمّا گُليں زِندے
ما تُپَنگانى تَوار ءُ گْرند ءِ لوٹوُک ايں

نيست جھانگيرى ءِ واھَگ ماں سَراں مارا
ما وَتى بُن پيروکانى رَند ءَ لوٹوک ايں

ما بَلوٗچِستان ءِ چُکّ ايں، راج ءِ دوزدارايں
ما تُپاکى ءِ گِھيں انک بَند ءِ لوٹوک ايں

دُژمِن ءِ راجؔمَنّار بَلوٗچ راج ءِ سَر ءَ شَکّ اَنت 
ما که راج ءِ بُن گَپ ءِ رھبَند ءِ ھوٹوک ايں

مئے تِلاھيں ڈيه مَجولے چورياں گون اِنت 
ما وَتى مات ءِ سر ءِ سَر بَند ءِ لوٹوک ايں

شائر ءَ گِھمار اِتگ په گوھريں مَرداں
دُژمنانى ءِ گارى ءِ باھَند ءِ لوٹوٗک ايں