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Baluchistan Network

Baluchistan Network was founded of education, science, art, poetry and human perception also of Human Rights since 1993, Baluchistan.Net, was the first Network website of it’s kind in the World Wide Web. This Network was designed to extend the peoples experiences beyond the limitations people suffered during the 1990’s through 2000’s. Today, the medium of the internet makes it possible for Baluchistan.Net to reach homes, schools and business around the world. This has changed the way formal and informal learning takes place, both in the classroom and in the home. The Baluchistan.Net online, and the resources it provides, are available 24 hours a day, worldwide, to anyone with an internet connection and an open mind to learn and progress in life. Many of the resources on Baluchistan.Net Website will be a learning curve in technology thoughtfully implemented to teach you about Baluchistan, The people of Baluchistan, the languages spoken in Baluchistan and the geopolitical situation.

Baluchistan. Net’s Sarmachar says “Baluchistan’s people suffered great tyranny and hopelessness in the past; today there is hope at the end of each dark tunnel; Baluchistan’s people will not be ignored, it is time to further unite and stand for Baluchistan as one; no force on earth could change Baluch. It is time to show oppressors to start the evacuations of Baluchistan. It is a fact of nature; whenever people stand-up for liberty, the world will stand with the people.” In this century our thinking, our way of life and our communications have evolved, it is time to fight a war that can’t be won by any enemy, it does not matter what their military power is!

People of Baluchistan

The people of Baluchistan are known as Baloch and settlers are known as Balochistani the aboriginals are Baloch/Brahui and Kurdish speaking. The Balochistani are Pashto, Pahlawani, Sindhi-speaking tribes in Baluchistan. The word “Baluch” historically means “Crown”, or “Crown of Divine” because of the greatness of Baluch people. Mehrgarh is a true witness of Baluch civilization dating back (pre-7000—5500BCE). Baluch history consists of many tales. Baloch are a martial people by birth, none-violent secular group of people. Baluch have traveled and conquered the subcontinent of the might of Baluch to Albanian Alps, to Aleppo in Syria, Egypt, and Babylon in the honor of Baluch the Babylonian King was named “Belus” “Crown” to show the might and power of Baluch might. There is a lot of misinformation about the people of Baluchistan which is not accurate or true, all this misinformation is spread by colonial forces to suppress and oppress the people of Baluchistan.
The Balochi language of today is very different from the Balochi language of spoken 5000 to 10,000 years ago, the closest resemblance of the older language is the Brahoi version of Baluchi which is spoken or the deep tribal areas where the language of the ancient past was somehow preserved to date. There are many other languages which comes from Baluchi languages which is Pahlawani language “Pahlavi” or “Parsi, Farsi, or Persian” and to the north we call it “Dari”. The Kurdish and Hebrew languages have a lot of similarities and the including the Coptic or ancient Egyptian language to Baluchi.

From 1962 to 2006 The National Flag of Baluchistan remained a symbol of Baluch Nation, the symbols were selected very wisely back in the 60’s because the cost of our blood is very heavy and our land is bloodied until we reach the blossomed springs of our freedom.

Dora Rind

Dora Rind, by name of M.Y. Dora Rind Baluch (Born July 1951, and passed away Feb 2006) in Canada was a politician, social activist, an author of over 50 books, a writer who was one of the founding fathers of the Baluch revolution.

Akbar Bugti

One of the founding father of Revolution: The Tiger, “The Dada” the Great Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The unthinking adoration of huge crowds, he was a great influence. At old age he started a guerilla war of BRA against the evil state.

Jumma K. Marri

One of the founding father of the revolution: Jumma K. Marri secretly achieved no one could by uniting people to fight & continue the battles which fueled it. A force of truthfulness & unity which spread like wildfire in Baluch society.

Hair Baksh Marri

One of the founding fathers of the revolution: Baba Marri “Great Soul”  also knew to carry out actions and not to scan them, with extreme positivity and devotion to land and his people he created a rebellion which is known as the BLA today.